Gifts Bridge The Funding Gap

In eight of ten states Mosaic provides services, dental work for people with intellectual disabilities is not paid by Medicaid. In seven of ten states, adaptive equipment is not paid by Medicaid. In six of the ten, electronic devices that help people communicate aren’t paid.

It’s a patchwork for these items and for other services and therapies. Depending on where people live, some might receive what they need. Some might not.

That’s why gift dollars are so important at Mosaic. Whenever possible, those gift dollars help provide the things that are not otherwise paid.

We are grateful for all the gifts donors provide. Among those donors are employees.

Every year, Mosaic conducts an employee campaign, asking employees to give financially to support they people they serve. Since Mosaic was formed in 2003, employees have given more than $3 million through the campaign—more than half of Mosaic employees participate. They have also given hundreds of thousands of dollars through other gifts, such as multi-year pledges.

They’re a generous group.

What do those gifts provide?  They provide some of the things Medicaid doesn’t pay, like dental work and wheelchair modifications. But there’s a lot more.

Here’s a list of some of the things employee gifts have allowed:

  • A woman who wanted more independence from staff, but was at serious risk for falling, received an electronic monitor that let staff know when she tried to get out of bed so staff did not have to physically monitor her.
  • A gentleman with diabetes-related foot problems received special shoes he could not afford.
  • Several people participated in Tae-Kwon-Do competition.
  • A gentleman received a mattress wedge to help with reflux disease.
  • Several people were able to attend summer camps and enjoy new activities.

This list is just a start of what gift dollars provide to people. Each of those items represents a changed life, a life made better through another’s generosity.

Mosaic works to ensure people have a meaningful life, being active in their community and choosing how to spend their days. Mosaic donors, more than 7,000 of them in 2016 alone, play an integral part to make that happen.

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