David deFreese
David deFreese, Former Vice President of Church Relations and International Programs

“A wonderful thing … to worship together”

Rejoicing Spirits service.

I am happy to share a personal testimony from Pam Abbott that highlights the respect and value a family felt because of Rejoicing Spirits, a ministry of Mosaic.

“My sister Laurie was born with Down syndrome and has an intellectual disability. Laurie and I are 15 months apart in age; we have lived apart for most of our lives so we never attended church or had the opportunity to worship together. That is until four years ago, when we went to our first Rejoicing Spirits Service at the Calvary Lutheran Church in West Chester.

“From the time we pulled into the parking lot, we were embraced in a big symbolic hug from greeters who warmly welcomed us as we entered the church. I couldn’t get over how friendly and accommodating everyone was to make sure our experience was a good one. Over the course of two years, Laurie became very comfortable and confident in her sense of ‘belonging’ at this service.

“The things that fostered that for her were:

  • Being able to give her gifts of singing, prayer, encouragement, playing musical instruments and sharing her love for her ‘neighbors.’
  • Having no one ‘shush’ her or restrict her way of worship—total acceptance.
  • Having the opportunity to make new friends with other individuals who are challenged and with those who are not.

“Laurie moved to Pottstown two years ago and started going to the New Hanover Lutheran Church Rejoicing Spirit service with her housemates. I meet her there, and we sit together, except when she’s standing by the piano singing praises in her diva style.

“We have been graciously welcomed into this service and are blessed by the wonderful volunteers who welcome us, feed us, play music for us, pray with us and worship God in a way that that is very interactive and inclusive. Laurie gets to be a part of the service and not just an on-looker. She gets to bless and be blessed. We all need to be able to give of ourselves and feel that sense of joy in sharing our unique gifts with others.

“It is a wonderful thing for a family to be able to worship together and not have to worry about all the ‘what-ifs’?

  • What if my loved one speaks when the pastor is giving the sermon?
  • What if my loved one gets up and starts walking around?
  • What if he or she interrupts the service by asking a question, making noises, or walking up to the minister? 

“The freedom of movement, of voice, from judgment is invaluable to families. Laurie and I are so happy we discovered how joyous and freeing this very special service is called Rejoicing Spirits.”

To learn more about Rejoicing Spirits and how it could help your congregation, visit www.rejoicingspirits.org.

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