The Ministry of Mosaic

“How do we know the love of God dwells in us? If we take upon ourselves the need of our neighbor.” – Martin Luther

“The love of Christ constrains us.” – Pastor K.G. William Dahl

The ministry of Mosaic was born out of the Church 105 years ago. Pastor K.G. William Dahl’s heart broke when his dignified friend, Gustav, had a public seizure and was immediately incarcerated and humiliated by a fear-filled society. Pastor Dahl faithfully knew the world desparately needed a different response.

Gathering 54 members of his small congregation, each giving one dollar, Pastor Dahl created Mosaic as a refuge – a source of hope and a catalyst for those who had difficulty fitting into their communities. The Church, love in action, resourced and sustained this ministry for decades.

Today, this partnership, Mosaic as a serving arm of the Church, continues in fresh and remarkable ways.

Desiring to be much more than recipients of care, many of the people supported by Mosaic are active and contributing members of a diversity of congregations, serving their faith communities and enhancing society in wonderful ways.

As ushers, readers, greeters, Vacation Bible School leaders, nursery care givers, bulletin folders, custodians, members of the choir and more, they serve within their parishes. As people in mission, they have cleaned public parks and stretches of highway, created and sorted “care packages,” decorated and delivered cookies to nursing homes and in so many more ways expressed their faith and served their neighbors.

Mosaic strives to enhance and strengthen the ministry of the Church.

Through Rejoicing Spirits, a non-shushing, fully sensory worship service and fellowship time, Mosaic coaches over 40 congregations to reach out to people of all abilities. Stretching from Maine to California, this ministry program lives in 15 different denominations, empowering parishes with a unique style of hospitality. It also opens doors of leadership to many who have often been invisible or shamed into the background. Families who have been “mis-churched,” hurt or disappointed by a faith community have found a home in a Rejoicing Spirits host site.

Mosaic offers assistance to congregations who have Sunday School and other educational staff who have no background working with people with behavioral challenges. Mosaic’s Certified Behavioral Analysts have coordinated support groups and trained others to help people acclimate to their congregations.

Mosaic partners with two seminaries in preparing candidates for ordained ministry and diaconal positions in serving with and among people living with disabilities. These courses and immersion programs inform all areas of pastoral service with possibilities and sensitivity.

In the next few months, Mosaic will be present at 15 regional Synod Assemblies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, reminding attendees of Mosaic’s ministry and inviting new possibilities in being the Church together.

With joy and hope, Mosaic continues as a ministry, impacting society, as well as individuals and families.

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