Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

A Home Shirley Loves

A few weeks ago, we introduced Mosaic at Home, a relationship-based model where a person receiving services lives in the home of the provider. They live like roommates or an extended family.  

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Shirley, who receives services through Mosaic at Home in Arizona.

Being comfortable and at home is very important to Shirley, who was homeless before she came to Mosaic.

“Before coming to Mosaic I had been in a lot of scary and unsafe situations. I was homeless and panhandling on the streets with my alcoholic boyfriend,” she says.

Angry and scared, Shirley bounced around with other providers for a while before a friend referred her to Mosaic for services.

“I’m a whole person and I believe that without Mosaic and my host family I would be lost,” she says. “I have independence and freedom to be myself.”

She loves making jewelry, coloring and her Mosaic at Home providers, Emily and Eli. She has her own room, and an art studio where she can draw and do beadwork.

“They gave me a home that I love,” Shirley says. “I feel safe, supported and much calmer.”

Everyone deserves a home they love, just like Shirley has.

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