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Mosaic Services Go ‘Above and Beyond,’ Inspiring Planned Gift

The most valuable thing Mosaic gives Julie Rohlfs, according to her mother Linda, is not something you can buy.

“The love and care that she’s always gotten,” Linda said. “It’s not just that they take care of her; they love her. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

So in return, Linda and her husband Roger (now deceased), placed Mosaic in their estate plan.

“They go above and beyond, not just for Julie, but to make things easier for parents, too,” Linda said. “I’m never afraid to ask, and they’ve never said no.”

Julie turns 54 this year. She has lived at Mosaic’s campus in Beatrice, Nebraska since 1984.

Over the years, Linda has visited her daughter often. Mosaic also makes sure Julie gets home regularly and gets to attend other extended family events.

But they’ve done more than that. Linda can detail all of the special “above-and-beyond” things Mosaic has done, like when she shares a story about Julie being hospitalized.

When the hospital did not have the right bed for Julie, Linda said she was going to stay overnight to make sure her daughter was OK. Then two Mosaic staff—a couple of Julie’s favorites—showed up. When they learned the details, they sent Linda home to get some rest and they sat up with Julie all night.

“They’re just a gift from God,” she said, “and for parents, too.”

Many people have chosen to remember Mosaic in their estate plan. Some, like Linda and Roger, are grateful family members. But most are people who see the value in Mosaic’s work and want to see it thrive well into the future.

Consider becoming a member of the Mosaic Legacy Society. There are a number of options for creating a gift in your estate that can benefit Mosaic and you.

Call 877.366.7242 for more information on Mosaic’s planned giving services or explore other ways to give.

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