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Possibilities are the stock-in-trade at Mosaic. 

Whether it is for the people we serve, our employees, donors, volunteers or the communities we're in, we want to make new possibilities come to life.

We're optimists at heart, believing that something good is always right around the corner. 

We also believe that our mission is a shared mission; we're in this together with the people we serve, their families, our donors and volunteers, and the communities we're in. 

It is a crowd-sourced mission!  So join in.  Be a part of Mosaic possibilities.


Lutheran Social Services in Illinois Mission and Mosaic Mission Statements

Since the economic downturn in 2008 many nonprofit organizations have dealt with significant financial challenges. Medicaid and other sources of government funding are often paired with gift dollars to fund programs. 

When things go wrong, we have little wiggle room.

Last week one of our sister organizations in Illinois shared the heartbreaking news that they are closing a large portion of their services due to a nearly...Read more


Every time I head to the doctor, it seems like there’s another form to fill out.

Insurance forms, emergency contact forms, the list goes on.

It may seem like a hassle but many of those forms are just a small part of making sure that people have control of their personal information.

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting...Read more

Susie O'Kane and a child in service in Tanzania.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the gift that keeps on giving.” Mosaic’s program in Tanzania has a story to tell about just this kind of gift. It also includes all the things good stories do: deep meaning, happiness, tragedy, an adventurous heroine and…Winnie the Pooh. Yes, even him.

In 2007, when we were just beginning to build a model for providing services to children with...Read more

Two people, a staff member and a person served, walking across a grassy area.

For more than 100 years, Mosaic's staff members, especially our direct support staff, have brought our mission to life.

Today’s ‘throwback Thursday’ photo goes back to the 1980s at Bethphage in Axtell (now Mosaic at Bethphage Village). The photo shows two people, a staff member and a person served, walking across a grassy area....Read more

Photo Credit: “Creative Commons 10.MLKNM.WestPotomacPark.WDC.23August2013” by Elvert Barnes is licensed under CC by 2.0

Photo Credit: “Creative Commons 10.MLKNM.WestPotomacPark.WDC.23August2013” by Elvert Barnes is licensed under CC by 2.0

When the ...Read more

Dara Stull interacts with Barbara Kenney at Mosaic in Axtell.

If Wartburg seminary student Dara Stull could share only one lesson from time she spent with Mosaic last summer, it is “Be not afraid.”

“People get really nervous by the thought of working with people with intellectual disabilities,” she said. “They’re afraid that they’re not going to know how to communicate with them,...Read more

Chris meets the mayor.

My job as Mosaic's Director of Governmental Affairs requires a significant amount of reading.

But because I typically read works such as laws, regulations, position papers, and the Federal Register, it’s difficult to find the energy to read for pleasure.

After reading a 200-page proposed regulation at work, the last thing I want to do when I get home is to read more.

But I decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution, because I know...Read more

 Bill Jenkins, Jill Turner, and Bill Brown

Bill Jenkins, Jill Turner, and Bill Brown have been friends and colleagues for nearly 30 years. This photo, taken years ago, sums up the trio's friendship.

Retirement is just a handful of years away for Jill Turner, a Direct Support Manager at Mosaic in Delaware.  Good for her.  Not so good for Mosaic. 

Jill has been with Mosaic for more than 30 years....Read more

A teacher works with a student in Axtell, Neb.

Growth in the number of people identified with autism has created a waiting list at Mosaic’s school in Axtell, Neb., and is one of the factors driving Mosaic’s move to fully personalized services for all people.

About one in 68 children in the U.S. have been identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and, for whatever reason, identifications have increased sharply in recent years.

“Our...Read more

A look back at 2015.

The year-end news reports are coming out and most of them are filled with stories of violence and unrest. 

It’s an exhausting way to end the year.

One of the great things about Mosaic is that we are wholeheartedly a ministry of hope. This means we recognize that bad things happen in the world, but that violence and unrest do not have the last word.

As we round out 2015, we wanted to take a...Read more