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Possibilities are the stock-in-trade at Mosaic. 

Whether it is for the people we serve, our employees, donors, volunteers or the communities we're in, we want to make new possibilities come to life.

We're optimists at heart, believing that something good is always right around the corner. 

We also believe that our mission is a shared mission; we're in this together with the people we serve, their families, our donors and volunteers, and the communities we're in. 

It is a crowd-sourced mission!  So join in.  Be a part of Mosaic possibilities.


A teacher works with a student in Axtell, Neb.

Growth in the number of people identified with autism has created a waiting list at Mosaic’s school in Axtell, Neb., and is one of the factors driving Mosaic’s move to fully personalized services for all people.

About one in 68 children in the U.S. have been identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and, for whatever reason, identifications have increased sharply in recent years.

“Our...Read more

A look back at 2015.

The year-end news reports are coming out and most of them are filled with stories of violence and unrest. 

It’s an exhausting way to end the year.

One of the great things about Mosaic is that we are wholeheartedly a ministry of hope. This means we recognize that bad things happen in the world, but that violence and unrest do not have the last word.

As we round out 2015, we wanted to take a...Read more

Promise MagazineLast year we introduced a guiding document called Forward in Faith to lead us into our second century of service. Two statements have been especially powerful:

  • •“Together with those we serve and their families, dedicated  supporters, the church and community partners, Mosaic is
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A young boy served by Martin Luther Homes looks at a nativity scene. This photo is from the 1970s. Martin Luther Homes joined with Bethphage to become Mosaic in 2003.“I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus the Savior did come for to die.”

-- from I Wonder as I Wander by John Jacob Niles

When I get an opportunity to hold a newborn, I am entranced with wonder.  There is a sense of awe as I reflect upon...Read more


Monday on the blog our CEO shared a story about how employees go the extra mile to ensure that the people we serve who can’t be with family (or don’t have family in their lives) can enjoy the holidays. 

Today we want to thank donors who give so the people Mosaic supports receive Christmas presents. Unfortunately, many of them do not have family members from whom they receive gifts. 

Every year most of our agencies hold drives to ensure that each person we...Read more

Crystal and Chris in front of the family Christmas tree.“It feels like family to me.”

It’s a great compliment when a guest can say that at your home.

Those are the words Chris Phillips used when asked about going to Crystal Delgado’s home for Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and her kids’ birthdays, and … just for fun.

But it is really...Read more

Cindy Schroeder and Rich Carman retire this year after more than 50 years of service to Mosaic. We give thanks for their leadershipLeadership ability is not tied to any one type of personality. That is proven by the two people who were honored by Mosaic yesterday as they retire at the end of this year from long careers dedicated to serving people with disabilities.

Cindy Schroeder is often the...Read more

Rep. Trent Franks shakes hands with self-advocate Dakota Johns.This fall I had the great fortune of attending Lutheran Services in America- Disability Network’s (LSA-DN) self-advocacy training in Washington, D.C. with Mosaic self-advocates from Arizona, Connecticut and Iowa. People Mosaic supports and their staff and...Read more

Edi, who is supported by Motivation Romania, A Mosaic International Partner

Today is the 65th celebration of International Human Rights Day.  The UN Declaration of Human Rights was passed after WWII to ensure that atrocities that...Read more

Maybe Mosaic should have been named Advent.

Advent is a season of hope, a season ripe with possibilities. Mosaic has a mission of hope, bringing possibilities to life.

Hope is the promise of an assured good. It’s not a wish, or a want – it is a promise from God. The hope of Advent is the coming of a savior in glory. We anticipate that by celebrating his coming in humility as a baby.

We wait in hope.

At Mosaic, we act in hope because we see possibilities, not disabilities.

Many times I’ve witnessed direct support associates go through the same action repeatedly...Read more