Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Mosaic in Western Colorado

Mosaic employees had the chance to share autism resources at Colorado Mesa University special education class.

“Brittney and I decided on having different "sense" stations so the class could have a hands on lesson and be able to take "sensory tools" away with them,” said Mosaic employee Patricia Moncada. “We also decided to incorporate Cassie and Shawn, two people Mosaic supports in co-teaching the lesson and leading a station activity.”

Patricia added:

"My son, AJ, had been taught by his shop teacher how to make fidget spinners out of wheel bearings and zip ties and when he learned about the class opportunity, he had the idea of teaching the future teachers how to make them for their classes. 

AJ and I called around looking for skateboard wheel bearings and finally found them at Northwest machine Works. When I called, I was quoted a price of $1.80 per bearing. Brittney and I were not given a budget so all of the supply costs for the class had to come out of our personal pocket, so AJ and I agreed on him teaching them how to make single bearing fidgets.

Once I got to Northwest Machine Works and explained the project, an employee asked how many I needed for the 3 bearing fidgets. I told him I would need at least 33, he was inspired by the project and donated 40! It was so great to have this support from Northwest Machine Works."

Once in the classroom, the team presented the students with a simple handout describing the seven senses.

Stations included:

  • Sensory "smell" putty made with cornstarch and strawberry or vanilla yogurt activity led by Brittney to demonstrate the olfactory (smell) sense.
  • Jelly bean "tasting" activity led by Shawn to demonstrate the Gustatory (taste) sense.
  • Egg shakers filled with popcorn kernels, rice and beans for a "hearing" activity.
  • Water bottles with Orbeez for a "feel" activity.
  • Fidget Spinners were made to demonstrate the sight sense.

Each student was able to take their "tool bag" home with them.

Shawn like the activity so much, she came to day program and showed one of her peers who has Autism the shaker she made at the class. Her friend really liked it so Shawn went home and made her peer his very own.

She kept in mind that he puts things in his mouth, so she super glued the egg shut but filled it with jelly beans for in case it came unglued he could eat the jelly beans and not be in harm.