About the Campaign

Bold leaders. Bold partners. Bold friends.

Dear Friend of Mosaic,

Mosaic is Called to be Bold!

We are in a time of rapid change. People we serve and their families have changing expectations. They desire and deserve:

  • greater independence
  • closer ties to the community
  • new opportunities for employment
  • volunteer and social activities
  • a healthy, active lifestyle

At the same time, Mosaic faces increased regulation while funding for our services is stagnant or, worse, declining. We are asked to do more with less.

We must act.

The Called to be Bold campaign will help Mosaic meet these challenges and rise above them for the sake of the people we serve. The campaign is built upon our strategic plan to conquer today’s challenges and be prepared for the future.

It is transformational.

Instead of primarily providing direct services, Mosaic’s ministry will integrate people with disabilities into the larger community. We’re moving from programs and buildings to truly personalized services and networks of support – not just in the United States but around the world.

Several initiatives of the strategic plan are outlined on these pages; they are all about helping people have the best life possible.

Mosaic is Called to be Bold.

  • Bold Leaders, providing personalized services for people and expanding Mosaic at Home while building long-term financial sustainability
  • Bold Partners, creating partnerships with churches and others locally and around the world
  • Bold Friends, meeting people’s immediate needs

People trust us with their lives and we cannot fail them; we must be bold!

I personally invite you to consider how you can join us in this transformation to bring a full life for people with disabilities. We need your prayers and your gifts because we cannot do this alone.

We need bold friends who will stand with us to achieve the work in front of us.

Our values remain steadfast while our focus becomes laser-sharp: transform Mosaic to impact the lives of people with disabilities in today’s world. As bold leaders, partners, and friends, together we will change people’s lives.

Can the people we serve count on you?

Linda Timmons
Mosaic President and CEO

Make Your Bold Gift

Make a One-time Gift

Cash gifts are some of the most valuable contributions you can make to Mosaic. We're able to use cash gifts to meet the needs of the people we support immediately.

Pledge to Give

Pledges allow you to express your commitment to Mosaic's mission over an extended period of time. Once the pledge is complete, you're welcome to revisit your giving.

Planned Giving Options

There are many giving options that can benefit both donors and the people Mosaic supports, including gifts of retirement assets like IRAs, gifts of stock and more.

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