Campaign Leadership

Real life. Real possibilities.

Cheryl and Conrad T. Swanson

Campaign Co-Chairs

Sharon and Max Miller

Campaign Co-Chairs

Judy and Paul Tamisiea

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Ramona and Deryl Hamann

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Make Your Bold Gift

Make a One-time Gift

Cash gifts are some of the most valuable contributions you can make to Mosaic. We're able to use cash gifts to meet the needs of the people we support immediately.

Pledge to Give

Pledges allow you to express your commitment to Mosaic's mission over an extended period of time. Once the pledge is complete, you're welcome to revisit your giving.

Planned Giving Options

There are many giving options that can benefit both donors and the people Mosaic supports, including gifts of retirement assets like IRAs, gifts of stock and more.

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