Jon-Mari with Skutt students
Friday, December 1, 2017
Mosaic in Omaha

There’s no question that Omaha is a caring community. Time and time again we’ve seen the people of Omaha come together to make our community a great place to live. Over the last couple of months, Mosaic in Omaha has directly benefited from this caring community. 

On October 4, Skutt Catholic High School held its annual Community Involvement Day. This is a day where the entire school goes out into the community and volunteers their time wherever needed to make a difference. It’s all about raising awareness of the needs in our community.

A large number of students wanted to spend time with the people we serve at our Omaha day centers. Approximately 40 students spent their day bowling and doing craft projects with individuals in service.

Every Wednesday, people served at Mosaic in Omaha go bowling at Mockingbird Lanes. This ranks near the top on several people’s lists of favorite activities. This year they got to share it with volunteers from Skutt.

Twenty students from Beckie Rago’s homeroom spent their day helping and cheering on Mosaic individuals as they bowled. It wasn’t long until the claps of high-fives and cheers of encouragement filled the air at Mockingbird Lanes. Back at the day centers, the students assisted people with another one of their favorite activities, arts and crafts. Together, they made colorful sensory bottles.

“I hope that by sharing time with people at Mosaic, our students will break down their barriers and will see what your agency is doing to help the community of people it serves,” Rago said.

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