Kim Halischak
Richard Myers
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

Kim Halischak, Mosaic at Home Provider

Nominated By: Amanda Thomas, Associate Director

I nominate Kim Halischak as one of the “People who make us great” in this edition of the newsletter. Her level of care and attention to medical issues with the people she serves is wonderful. Kim really takes the values of Mosaic to heart and puts the person before their disability. As a member of the signing community, Kim has helped Michelle have a more meaningful life through connecting her with the deaf community. She goes the extra mile to help Michelle communicate with a world that is woefully lacking in understand for people who have American Sign as their first language. Kim has created a scrapbook of Michelle’s activities for her to share with friends, has connected her with the Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center, and encourages her to attend dances and community events. In addition to the work she has done recently with Michelle, Kim has been a loving caregiver to Mickey for years. She reaches out to Mosaic staff when she needs help, communicates her successes and challenges, and is on top of Mickey’s medical issues. 

You amaze us Kim, thanks for all you do to create meaningful lives for the people we serve. 

Richard Myers, Direct Service Associate

Nominated By: Linda Campbell, Fmr. DSM, Business Specialist

Richard has been an outstanding employee with Mosaic. Not only is he consistent in providing services and running programs with the people we serve, he often goes above and beyond to make an impact in their lives. Richard invites people he works with to spend holidays with him and his family if they do not have anyone to spend them with. Richard has participated in a fitness program with a person he works one-on-one with to help them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to all of this, Richard volunteers for Special Olympics with the ski, snowboarding, and tennis teams to encourage and support people we serve with their goal of participating in these activities. Richard and his family are the epitome of a great natural support network, and are role models to other direct service staff and the greater community. Thank you for all you do.