Mosaic in Colorado Springs partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Residential Services

Residential Services
Residential Services

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

 Staff members are available to people who live on their own to provide support with activities of daily living like cooking, shopping, and doctor appointments.

Host Homes

 Mosaic partners with independent contractors who provide services in their home. For more information on becoming a host home provider, contact Brandon Hanson at brandon.hanson [at]

Day Services

Day Services
Day Services

Vocational Training

Staff members support people in volunteer work or at employer-sponsored sites to help individuals learn and develop work skills.

Supported Employment

Mosaic in Colorado Springs serves people who are interested in working in community employment. We help clients identify employment preferences by comparing job skills and requirements. Our staff members then contact prospective employers. While employed, we advocate and provide support to ensure that each person learns to perform his or her job successfully.

Day Habilitation and Community Participation

This program is for people who cannot, or have chosen not to pursue work. For these individuals, we provide enriching activities and community outings to help develop social, motor, cognitive, and behavioral skills.

Children's Extensive Services

We support families by providing respite care and community connector services for children. Community connector may include activities such as spending time at city parks, public libraries, local businesses, stores, restaurants, public recreation centers, pools and many others.


To learn more about our services, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.