Dee Drummond
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

Dee Drummond has been practicing taekwondo for two years through DuMyon Martial Arts.

This past year, she competed in the forms and breaking events at the Denver Hanmadang, a taekwondo competition. It was the first time that the Hanmadang had a para-division, broken into three categories: physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and competitors with limited vision.

On the morning of the Hanmadang, Dee met us bright and early for the ride to the competition. She was so nervous that she was having pain in her chest. We all did our best to help her calm down and breathe deeply, but it was difficult for her. As the day went on, Dee was able to distract herself with activities and talking to her friend, Alison, a fellow competitor and woman with disabilities. Dee and I went on several walks to calm her jitters. Soon enough, it was time for her first event.

Dee started her forms and stayed focused. It was not perfect, but she kept her composure and did the moves to the best of her abilities. When she finished, the judges scored her. Dee scored in the nines! She was so excited, she passed out. We had medical personal on the spot, and her sister was at her side. Dee rallied right away, and as they helped her up, she threw her hands in the air and let out a victory yell. She hugged everyone – including the judges – and got a gold medal for her forms. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

When someone asked about her work with DuMyon Martial Arts, Dee gave a huge smile and said, “Taekwondo is my life!”

I was told by a security guard a little later that she had been in a bad mood, but what happened with Dee made her day.