Friday, June 9, 2017
Mosaic in Western Colorado

Mosaic in Western Colorado is pleased to announce that one of our volunteers, Dr. Ann Gillies, has been awarded the 2017 Dan B. Davidson Award for Excellence in Inclusion by the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council. 

Dr. Ann Gillies, has been volunteering for Mosaic in Western Colorado since 2014. Ann is an Exceptional Learner and Special Education Coordinator and an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Colorado Mesa University (CMU).

Prior to moving to Grand Junction, Dr. Gillies worked as a Special Education teacher. When Ann moved to Grand Junction to begin teaching at CMU, she wanted to find out which agencies in town supported people with disabilities and found Mosaic first. She became a volunteer, a friend, a member of the Community Outreach Team and Ambassador. She now says that she wants to partner with Mosaic for the rest of her life.

Her current passion is teaching up and coming teachers how to prepare for the classroom and always includes training and sensitivity to how teachers will work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“The aspect that stands out the most about Dr. GIllies is her insistence in ‘giving the microphone’ back to people with disabilities to tell their own story. She doesn’t want to have people hear her words, she wants them to listen to people regarding their needs, rights, struggles and most importantly-their success stories!” said Executive Director Theresa Burns-Fair in her nomination. 

In July 2017, Ann will be going to visit Mosaic International’s services in Moshi, Tanzania to experience their school setting and see how their staff work hands-on with children and young adults with disabilities.