Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Mosaic in Northern Indiana

If you live in the Elkhart area, you may already be familiar with the downtown Art Walk. Art Walk is a collection of artists who, sponsored by local businesses, come together for an evening to showcase and sell their works.

There are four evenings a year when Art Walk is held. It is usually the second Wednesday of May, July, September and November.

Members of our Community Advisory Committee mentioned the Art Walk could be a good place to get out in the community and introduce ourselves to a population who may not have heard of us before.

So we signed up for all sessions beginning in July and people who attend our day program began painting 8x11 inch canvases. A ministry of Evangel Heights United Methodist Church and Carol Robison also worked with individuals to paint 6x8 inch canvases as well.

The creativity and range of abilities made for some beautiful and interesting pieces. Individuals, staff and volunteers helped to name the pieces based on the artist’s personality.

Matzke’s Florist hosted our display in July and the people Mosaic supports sold more $110 worth of artwork! Every dime of the money went directly to the person in service who created the piece. Imagine the smiles when a surprise trip to Dairy Queen was announced!

Before the second Art Walk, Direct Support Manager, Amber Roundtree had a great idea. Medications are delivered several times a week to the Mosaic office. These medications are in unmarked white gift-like bags. Amber suggested the individuals decorate these bags as gift bags and upcycle them with little to no cost put in to the project.

The bags were a hit! We displayed them at the second Art Walk when we were hosted by Secret Door Games.

By now, the creativity was contagious as not only individuals from the Meaningful Day Program were participating but also Hannah and Friends Day Program. Just about every person served by Mosaic painted a bag, canvas, picture frame or birdhouse.

Six designs were chosen to decorate the front of blank gift cards as our take-away gift at our Partners in Possibilities fundraiser. From there, someone at home office heard of the cards we created and wanted to use one of them as our National design for sympathy cards as well.

It was not only the little bit of cash the individuals earned, but also the idea that their art was appreciated as beautiful and worthy by someone else that created a proud and happy feeling. Everyone also enjoyed creating the art with paints, colored pencils, stencils and perhaps most importantly - glitter.

Our very last Art Walk of the year was hosted at Artisan Restaurant. We chose to only bring holiday themed art. We will bring the remaining works to our Christmas party to give all families and staff one last opportunity to purchase their favorite pieces.

Looking forward to next year, we would like to participate in a holiday bazaar. We intend to be a part of Art Walk again as we had such success. We are currently in the process of setting up an online gallery with remaining pieces for sale. Please visit: to see what we have currently listed. If you see something you like, please contact Danielle or Dean at the Mosaic office at 675-0726. All artwork and bags are for sale by donation only.