Dawn and Jason on their wedding day
Monday, March 13, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Iowa

Dawn and Jason met 15 years ago while attending Day Services at Mosaic in Northern Iowa. “He thought I was pretty,” Dawn says, smiling. Soon a friendship blossomed into a relationship that is still going as strong as ever.

A few years into their relationship, Dawn and Jason wanted to be able to spend more time together. It was difficult though, they lived in different towns. Jason lived in Clarion on his own and Dawn lived in Eagle Grove with roommates. They agreed that Dawn should move to Clarion.

After working closely with her case worker and Mosaic staff, Dawn made the 14-mile move. The couple was thrilled to be able to see each other often and their relationship grew.

Two years ago Dawn and Jason took a major step in their relationship and made the decision to move in together. They knew it would be an adjustment but “Living together is terrific!” Dawn says. With the support of their staff, Dawn and Jason began looking for housing options. They heard about a house in Clarion that was soon going to be available for rent.

They confirmed that their budget would allow it and went to take a look.

“We immediately knew it was the place for us,” Dawn says. Dawn and Jason settled into a routine of making dinner together, grocery shopping and relaxing in front of the TV with Marly, their cat.

They were happy but always talked about what came next. In their hearts, they had a bigger dream. In December 2014, Jason took the first step toward making that dream a reality and asked Dawn to marry him. She said yes and a May wedding was planned. Through it all, they had amazing support from the staff, their family and community members who helped make their day perfect.

“I wish you could have been there” Dawn tells people when she talks about their wedding, “It was a blast!”

Dawn and Jason keep pretty busy in the community between working, volunteering and being active members of their church. Their one year anniversary is right around the corner and they couldn’t be any happier. Thanks to the support of Mosaic, Dawn and Jason are truly living their dream.