At Mosaic, we value our employees and are committed to providing exciting career opportunities in a supportive, positive work environment.

Job Openings
If you are interested in joining a great team that makes great things happen everyday for those we serve and support, please view our open positions.

In order to be an Employer of Choice, Mosaic offers employees competitive benefits that include:

  • Health Care Plan - Various options are available including a no cost plan for employees. Family coverage is also available including major medical, prescription, vision and wellness coverages. Dental insurance is also available.

  • Paid Time Off - For eligible employees. PTO is used at the employee's discretion for vacations, holidays, illness, emergencies or bereavement.

  • Retirement Plan - 403b that employees can use to save for retirement on a pre-tax basis.

  • Additional Benefits - Including Employee Assistance Program, Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Direct Deposit, and Tuition Assistance.

This summary is intended to provide general information only. Employee benefits may change without notice. Please consult detailed Employee Benefit Plan documents or specific information and requirements. 

For more information, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.



Volunteers are welcome at Mosaic in Denver. If you want to give back to the community, come volunteer and have fun doing it!
Volunteers to support the people in service directly and the needs of each person indirectly are equally valued. We have both support positions and direct service volunteer opportunities available.

We are also looking for volunteer opportunities for the people we serve to give back to the community! Please contact us if you have an opportunity you would like to discuss with us.

Some of the available opportunities are:

  • Companion Volunteers - Work one-on-one with a person receiving services by playing a game, watching a movie, or working on a craft. Volunteers can also get people involved in their community by accompanying them to a sporting event, a church service, or by simply dining at a restaurant together.

  • Group Volunteers - Mosaic welcomes groups of all sizes who don't mind getting their hands dirty or having fun. Volunteer to work on a maintenance or repair project at one of our group homes or our office. Host a party or join in on a fun activity like a ladies day!

  • Internships/Learning Student Volunteers – Gain experience and personal growth while supporting our mission! You could be matched with an individual or department to work on a specific project and explore a mutually beneficial intership opportunity.

  • Committee Volunteers - Mosaic has several committees that meet on a regular basis to assure we are providing the best support to the people we serve. Volunteer on our Human Rights Committee or become an Ambassador on our Friend & Fundraising Team.

  • Church Opportunities - Churches can assist the agency in many volunteer opportunities. Mosaic in Denver has a rich history of involvement by local churches. We love partnering with churches and helping by greeting or folding bulletins! We work with youth groups, Vacation Bible School classes, and we are always ready to come into the churches to speak about Mosaic. We've been fortunate to have several churches donate Christmas gifts for the people we support.

  • Therapy Pet Volunteers – You and your certified therapy pet can provide wonderful companionship to a person in service, one home or multiple homes. If you aren't already certified, but your dog has love to give, we encourage you to learn more about Therapy Dogs International.

  • Adopt-a-Home - Our program is an exceptional opportunity for individuals or groups to become involved with Mosaic and the people we support. You or your group can be matched with a home of 3, 4 or 8 individuals and can spend quality time playing games, sharing a hobby or helping with cleaning or yard beautification projects at the home.

  • Other Opportunities - Offer your professional expertise directly or indirectly to the individuals we support. We are always looking for professionals in our community to give presentations or even donate time or services. You could help make our special events a success by being a one-time volunteer or give of your time and talents at our office.

There are an endless number of volunteer opportunities at Mosaic in Denver! For additional information or to get involved, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.



There are many ways to become a partner with Mosaic.

  • Donors help Mosaic to provide activities and items that would not otherwise be available due to limited government funding.

  • Volunteers help build connections between the people Mosaic supports and the communities in which they live.

  • Advocates lend their voices to the public debate about ensuring sustainable, secure and holistic supports for people with disabilities across the country and around the world. For more information, visit, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.

  • Special Events help further Mosaic's mission. Occasionally, Mosaic in Denver holds special events throughout the community and relies on dedicated volunteers to make it all happen.

  • Sponsors - People served by Mosaic enjoy attending monthly events and celebrations. We are always seeking community friends to sponsor these events. A few examples are: Birthday bashes once a month, Ladies night out, Guys night out, Valentines Day parties, etc.

If you are interested in partnering with Mosaic, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.