Brittany Ledford in Tanzania.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Mosaic International

The Discovery Trip group visited most of the 11 centers where children are served on a daily basis. Each center visit included meeting with the center staff and at least one parish representative, often the pastor. They had the chance to meet with both office and center staff, ask questions and share experiences of working with children with disabilities. They were treated to a demonstration at the papermaking co-op and a visit to the Young Adult Farm and met the parents who make the African-print bags that Mosaic sells in the U.S. Most importantly, they gained an understanding of the effort and compassion that constitutes BCC.

In addition, the group also met key local partners, without which holistic care would be difficult. 

  • Femme International provides menstrual health and hygiene education and supplies for young adults and parents.
  • Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation of Tanzania (CCBRT) provides access to mobility equipment, training for users and physical therapy, as well as week-long residential sessions for parents and children with physical disabilities.
  • St. Joseph Hospital provides timely access to medical care for children when they are ill. (BCC children are most commonly affected by aspirational pneumonia, urinary tract infections and malnutrition.) In addition, St. Joseph’s provides annual physicals for BCC clients. 

While social services are generally not disability inclusive, BCC has managed to partner with these different organizations to ensure that they are providing truly holistic care.