Thursday, September 4, 2014
Mosaic in Arizona

Nicky has always been dreamed of becoming a DJ.

Every month Nicky shares his story at our Discover the Possibilities tours, where he shares some of his goals, “I’m working towards becoming a DJ within the next year. Marie and my team have been really supportive of me. We put together a timeline and they talked to me about what options I have and how I can work to make my dream come true.”

This May, Mosaic in Arizona had the opportunity to surprise Nicky at our annual Family Fun Day picnic.  A local DJ donated his time and equipment and called Nicky up on stage to do his very own musical interlude. As he played some of his favorite hits, Nicky had the biggest smile! 

When you talk to Nicky about living his dreams he doesn’t just recall Family Fun Day he says, “most important Mosaic in Arizona has given me a life where I can dream.  Eventually, I’d like to live independently and have my own family. In the last four years I’ve become my own man and I’ve created my own meaningful life. And my future is full of endless opportunities.” 

We are so proud of him!

To meet Nicky and learn more about his journey with Mosaic, attend a Discover the Possibilites at Mosaic in Arizona.