Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Alexis Dickson has worked for Mosaic for many years, both as an employee and as a host home provider. Alexis is recognized this year for her work as a Mosaic at Home provider, which comes with its own set of obstacles and on-the-job learning. Alexis serves an individual named Zach. She has known and worked with Zach for seven years, both when he lived in the group home, and this last year as his Mosaic at Home provider. Alexis puts all of Zach’s needs and wants at the forefront of her life and pushes for him to make new and strong community connections. She is solution oriented and is always able to find a way to get involved with what Zach likes to do. An examples of this is maintaining Zach’s participation in the group Athletes in Tandem where Zach is able to participate in running and swimming events with a partner helping him along. This is something that he truly enjoys and has brought great happiness to
his life. 

On top of keeping Zach involved with the community, Alexis also helps to keep Zach’s family involved with all of the activities he does. She has done so by opening up her calendar and creating a “social calendar” for Zach so that his parents, brother, and grandma are able to see where Zach is on a given day. It gives them an opportunity to join in on the fun.

One thing is clear when watching the two interact; there is a very visible sense of comradery that permeates the relationship. Whether it’s a camp-out night in their back yard, or figuring out the logistics to get a spa tub into Zach’s bedroom, Alexis never rests until Zach has both his wants and his needs met. 

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