Friday, May 26, 2017
Mosaic in Delaware

 On Thursday, April 27, we hosted our Fifth Annual Partners in Possibilities Fundraising Luncheon. The purpose of this luncheon is to raise money and awareness to fulfill the needs of the people we serve at Mosaic.

The average amount of money that some individuals have each week to spend on their basic needs or enjoy time with friends/family is about $30. Only $30 each week to spend on soap, shampoo, medical co-pays, dining out, clothing, haircuts, and leisurely activities. This fundraising campaign aims to close the gap between the lack of funding and the high level of needs the people we support have for basic needs, hopes, and dreams. 

As an intern at Mosaic for the past few months, I was able to see witness and understand how important and needed this event is to the people we serve. I learned firsthand all the hard work and planning that was put into making this event a success, and a success it was. Hearing staff members and individuals express how much Mosaic has changed their life as they shared their stories put a smile on my face. 

After the event, I made thank you calls to people who attended, I heard a tremendous amount of positive feedback from guests and volunteers. I was impressed by the feelings of love, hope, and joy evoked from the luncheon. The event encouraged many people to want to further get involved with Mosaic, which made me feel good. People told me how they loved being a part of the Mosaic community, hearing the stories, and, of course, they loved eating the delicious caesar salad wraps made by Deerfield Country and Golf Club.  

On behalf of Mosaic, I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who joined us on April 27 and to all who made a donation or volunteered. I love being a part of such a supportive and caring community here at Mosaic.

We are extremely grateful and proud of the amount of money we were able to raise for the 130 people with intellectual disabilities served at Mosaic in Delaware, but, we have not yet reached our goal. If you were not able to attend the event and still would like to donate, it is never too late. Please contact Community Relations Manager, Angi McCloskey at angela.mccloskey [at] or call us at 302.565.6301.