Jim Poehlman, Executive Director
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Mosaic in Western Iowa

By Jim Poehlman

As we enter the month of August, Mosaic is one full year into our strategic plan, Mosaic 2.0. This is a time to reflect and celebrate some of our successes in each of the five focus areas of the plan for the Western Iowa agency.

Life of Possibilities – People we serve and their families.
The Western Iowa agency has successfully supported 12 people in Denison to have a more meaningful day by helping them to transition from segregated day service settings to a setting where they are able to interact with the community and choose the daily activities that they find most meaningful to them. We must continue to focus our efforts on identifying avenues for each person we support to experience life in the most meaningful way possible.

Life of Possibilities – People who serve.
Western Iowa has advocated, budgeted and received approval for a significant wage structure adjustment that will go into effect in July. The starting wage for a Direct Support Associate is moving from $9.00 per hour to $11.00 per hour. This wage adjustment impacts future and current employees. This increase was only possible through monumental efforts of agency and organizational leadership and provides Western Iowa the necessary tools to increase our recruitment and retention efforts.

Giving a Voice –
Through our efforts of communicating our mission and needs to the communities where we serve, we have been able to tell our story to over 100 people this year. The impact of these efforts in providing a voice to the people we support cannot be underestimated.

Stewardship –
The agency continues to embrace sustainable funding efforts as we look to bridge the gap between what Medicaid pays and what it truly costs to provide a meaningful life for the people we support. These efforts provide opportunities to advocate for positive change in service provision.

Advancing the Mission –
Growth is one of the most important aspects in advancing our mission. Through growth, Mosaic is able to provide a life of possibilities to more people and reduce our indirect expenses. The Western Iowa agency embraced this goal and grew by 17 percent in revenue this past year. This growth was a key factor in the agency's ability to implement the pay structure adjustment discussed above.

We are excited to celebrate our successes but we know that our quest to be the provider of choice, the employer of choice and the charity of choice is a never-ending journey. We look forward to the challenges that await us just past the next curve.