Cheryl Wicks
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

As I hear the sound of birds chirping outside my office window, it causes me to pause, in the fast pace of life. At this moment, I immediately think of the wonderful accomplishments we have recently had. The pride I feel for each of our employees and our stakeholders is hard to put into words so let’s talk about our accomplishments. 

Advocacy is very important to us at Mosaic and this year, we have taken advocacy to the next level. Mosaic is an active member of our State Association, Alliance. Working closely with Alliance, we were able to BE BOLD and achieve something amazing - a 6.5 percent full compensation increase for direct support professionals and additional funding support 300 people who live at home with aging caregivers. 

We are still in awe of receiving a unanimous vote from the House Public Health Care and Human Services Committee where, Tim Grove, one of our direct support professionals, and I testified. The support from host home providers, families, employees and people in service was impressive. We have been focused on educating our legislators over the past couple of years and all that hard work has finally paid off. Fifty-two of the 100 legislators in Colorado co-sponsored the bill! 

On behalf of our DSP’s – THANK YOU! 

On behalf of people living with aging caregivers – THANK YOU! 

While it is hard to top that, there is more. By working closely with Alliance and the State, Colorado recently released 168 people from the comprehensive waitlist! One person has been on the waitlist since 1968, which is unbelievable. In El Paso County, 30 people will be able to receive comprehensive services. We are thrilled to see people finally receive the support they have desperately needed. 

It’s been a great time for the people we serve, those who serve and our community. Thank you for helping people have a full life. 

Cheryl Wicks, Executive Director