Monday, March 13, 2017
Mosaic in Northeast Iowa

Mosaic in Northern Iowa held three Partners in Possibilities (PiP) events this past year. Events were in Clarion and Waukon in April and in Forest City in November. The events were well attended by friends of the organization and family members who heard testimonials about the supports provided by Mosaic and the positive change it made in their lives. We’re excited to announce together these three events raised more than $93,000 in cash and pledges for Mosaic in Northern Iowa over the next five years. By partnering with us, you’ve provided great opportunities for the people Mosaic supports. Our next Partners in Possibilities event in Belmond in April.

In addition to a PiP in each service area each year, Mosaic in Northern Iowa also conducts Discover the Possibilities (DtP) events that are held each month in Decorah, Forest City, Waukon and Wright County. These are great lunch-and-learn sessions, not fundraisers, and provide great insights into how Mosaic provides people with support to live a life of meaning, become a part of a caring community, and give a voice to their needs and concerns. These events can also be brought to you and your group – Bible study, business brown bag, Chamber of Commerce, Women of the ELCA women’s group, Rotary, etc. We’re happy to accommodate the group’s schedule and share with you stories that tie to our mission.

If you’re interested in attending a DtP or PiP event, please contact Shanda Hansen in Forest City at 641.585.3050 x61108, Sarah Holmes for Wright County and Hamilton County at 515.532.3221 x61104, or Sammi Scholtes for Decorah and Waukon at 563.568.3992 x61406.