Mosaic staff and people in service with Lynne Walz.
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

By Karlie and Kelsey Shoemaker, Direct Support Professionals

This July, we had a fun day with four of the people we support in Norfolk. On Friday, July 13, we set out to Lincoln for Disability Pride Day.

Our first stop was Phat Jack’s BBQ, which employs people served by Mosaic’s Lincoln location. Not only is Phat Jack’s an amazing restaurants (cheesy potatoes and BBQ ribs were the favorites with our group!), but it’s also helping break down the stereotype that people with disabilities are unable to hold a job. That is far from the truth, and Phat Jack’s proves it.

With full bellies, we traveled to the State Capitol building next. It was a hot day – thank goodness for sunscreen and bottled water. Our goal in visiting the Capitol was to bring awareness to the struggles that the people we support encounter every day.

We met with members of Congress from the area, advocated for better funding for people with disabilities and listened to speakers from different organizations.

They spoke about the importance of voting for politicians who will work for people with disabilities and encouraged further advocacy. When we put people first and not our own insecurities, amazing things happen.

The Arc and People First were also there with a booth to help people get registered to vote, which was pretty cool. It was great to see all different kinds of service groups and so many people coming together to help others out.

Among the different slogans and chants we heard, our favorite was, “My ability is stronger than my disability.”

We will definitely be back next year with more people and more signs.