Brooke (supported by Mosaic in Northern Colorado), Genevieve, Tamara (supported by Mosaic in Northern Colorado), Woranee
Desiree Imus
Monday, September 17, 2018
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Mosaic in Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have some of the best staff and providers in the area. They are great at learning our clients’ needs and providing the type of supports that work best for each person. In an effort to show how much we appreciate the long hours, extra miles, and commitment shown to those we serve, we have chosen to shine a spotlight on two individuals who deserve recognition. 

Genevieve Marmaduke 

Genevieve Marmaduke has been a Direct Support Professional with Mosaic for just under two years, working with individuals served in our Supported Living, Children’s and Residential Support services. Genevieve is sensitive, smart and kind; qualities she brings into every interaction she has with the people we support and her coworkers. 

Genevieve is a role model to those who work with her. She has a knack for planning and problem solving, which can be seen when she is learning how to best support an individual new to her caseload or coaching a coworker through a difficult situation. 

Always putting the people she supports at the center of her focus, Genevieve is a great example of Mosaic’s mission in action. Mosaic in Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have her as one of our Direct Support Professionals. 

Desiree Imus 

Desiree Imus worked as a Direct Support Provider for Mosaic in Northern Colorado for ten years. After Mosaic’s group homes closed, Desiree became in independent contractor for Mosaic at Home, providing quality care to those she supports over the last four years. She excels at documentation and compliance, providing a person centered approach and always putting the needs of those in service first. 

Desiree is a remarkable example of what it means to be a host home provider and how to integrate individuals into a host home family. In her spare time, she enjoys going back to Nebraska to visit her family and taking those she supports to her friend’s house for pizza and a movie on Friday nights. Desiree has a positive, warm, outgoing personality and Mosaic is so appreciative to have such an attentive individual providing services through Mosaic at Home.