Donna (left) and Jennifer
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Mosaic in Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have some of the best staff and providers in the area. They are great at learning our clients’ needs and providing the supports that work best for each person. Every year, Mosaic selects two Direct Support Professionals who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them for those they support and are awarded the Direct Support Provider of the Year Award.

Jennifer Brownrigg

For nearly six years, Jen has provided quality support to a member of her family as a DSP at Mosaic. She does an excellent job of collaborating between multiple agencies to ensure that her loved one’s needs are met, and that all those involved are prepared to support him. Jen is an advocate, a caregiver and a voice for her loved one. She exemplifies the essence of Mosaic’s mission by supporting her loved one to live a life of possibilities, where and how he chooses to, surrounded by the people he loves.

Congratulations to our staff DSP of the Year, Jennifer Brownrigg!

Donna Holwegner

Donna has been a Mosaic at Home independent contractor for nearly 14 years. She currently serves two individuals, one who has been with her that entire time. One of the many reasons Donna is so great is that both the men she supports are completely integrated into her home and feel like a part of her family. She promotes and encourages their independence and individualism with a good balance of support for each of them in specific areas. She is intuitive and proactive in planning for their mental health and financial needs. She encourages one of the men to keep frequent contact with his brother and, with the help of another Mosaic at Home independent contractor, facilitates phone calls and planned outings for the pair.

Congratulations to our independent contractor DSP of the Year, Donna Holwegner!