Friday, June 2, 2017
Mosaic in Denver

Alex started his career at Chuck Latham Associates, Inc. more than seven years ago. He had finished high school and was seeking meaningful opportunities to fill his days. Through a mutual friend of his family and Kathy Latham, Chuck’s wife, Alex got connected to Chuck Latham Associates. Alex worked two days a week for a few hours a day. He seemed content and never missed a day. He shredded paper, worked on bagging samples of various products, and folded advertisements and letters to be sent out; he pretty much kept to himself. 

Each day when his mom picked him up, she would ask, “How was your day?” 

Alex would reply, “OK.” 

About eight months ago, Brandi, a new direct support associate from Mosaic, began working with Alex each Thursday. She noticed that Alex didn’t interact with co-workers and seemed uninterested in work. 

Brandi began trying different tools with Alex to keep him focused and engaged in the work they were doing. As time passed, Brandi realized it wasn’t a matter of not being able to stay focused; rather, Alex was interested in learning new skills, taking on more responsibility, learning the names of his co-workers and getting to know them better.

After some discussion with his supervisor, Jeanne, things began to change for Alex. Alex took pictures of his coworkers home with him so that he could work on memorizing their names and faces. Then, on Thursdays, Brandi found different ways to help Alex reach his goals. Jeanne shared Alex’s goals with his co-workers, and they stepped up to help too. With patience, encouragement, and a few verbal cues and suggestions, Alex can now engage in great conversations about sports and more with his coworkers.

A typical day for Alex now includes his all-time favorite task of collecting documents and shredding them, filling introduction boxes for new clients and stores supplied by Chuck Latham & Associates, running letters through the postage machine and more. 

When the work day is over Brandi and Alex chat with his mom so she can learn more about how to help Alex continue learning and practicing at home.

“Before Brandi and Mosaic, Alex just went to work. Now he is eager to go each day. Brandi is phenomenal,” Susan said. 

Now when Alex’s mom drops him off at work, he’s excited to go inside and get started. Afterward, he’s thrilled to tell her about his day. 

Brandi recently shared this note with her supervisor at Mosaic:

“It’s another wonderful Thursday morning with Alex! He’s had so much to say and still, even after all he’s had going on, he remembered almost all of his co-workers’ names. After a couple of prompts, his confidence shot up and he did his own greetings – with no help! That’s HUGE! And he not only remembered a co-worker’s name that’s more difficult, but he actually greeted her on his own! I am elated! He was so proud! He engaged in a great conversation with his co-worker Michael today too. THIS is reason no. 10,000 I love what I am do!"