Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

When the wind moved through this outdoor art display, everyone was mesmerized. Our day program visits the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center about once a month and everyone has their favorites. While Debbie always points out the Chihuly glass display, Alfred enjoys petting the animal sculptures in the tactile gallery. 

“It’s fun to go with different groups,” said Tiffany Beckwith, a direct support associate with Mosaic. “Many people in this one group talked a lot about the art. They explained what they liked or even didn’t like about certain pieces. It was great to hear them express their opinions!” 

Experiences like this are why our employees love coming to work and a few have even recruited friends and family to join them. For example, Tiffany’s brother Daniel Beckwith joined our team a while ago and was recently promoted to Associate Direct Support Manager.