Shari plays the piano.
Friday, December 22, 2017
Mosaic in Delaware

By Angi McCloskey

As soon as we arrived at St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church for Wilmington Art Loop, Shari sat down at the piano and began to play. Shari Hope, a person served by Mosaic in Delaware was invited to volunteer for Art Loop by Pastor Jason Churchill, to do what she loves most, playing the piano.

Shari played passionately for about an hour, a variety of songs, and one right after another. She played each song, all from memory, including gospels, American traditional tunes, nursery rhymes, and classical pieces were part of her repertoire that evening.

After her first set, Shari asked to use the phone. She called a friend. A few minutes later, the pastor taped me on the shoulder and said, “This is Gary, the gentleman that Shari called on the phone.”

As it turns out Gary and Shari are friends, and Gary is a member of that very same church! What a coincidence and how exciting for Shari. Gary and his wife came over right away to listen to their friend, especially, because until this night, they never knew she had a talent for playing the piano! They were pleasantly surprised to see their friend and witness her amazing talent.

Shari Hope lives independently and has support from Mosaic’s Drop in Supports Program. Mosaic provides a professional mentor, a Direct Support Professional (DSP) a few hours a week to assist Shari with meeting her goals. Mosaic recently learned about Shari’s love of playing the piano. However, she does not have the instrument at home or a place to share her talent. Mosaic, through a partnership with St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church is helping to fill that gap for Shari.

That evening, Gary and I both asked one another where Shari had learned how to play. As far as their friendship goes, he was not aware of instruments in her home or anyone taking her to piano lessons. He was amazed and awestruck at where she learned and just how broad her talent was at this point in her life. He said, “I am so grateful, that she is here playing tonight."

On the way home that evening, I wanted to inquire more with Shari about the roots of her talents and how she built such a vast knowledge base of songs. Here's what she said:

Me: Shari, did you have a piano growing up?

Shari: Oh, no.

Me: Did you ever take piano lessons or have a piano teacher?

Shari: No. No, I didn’t.

Me: Did anyone in your family play the piano?

Shari: No. Just me.

Me: So Shari, who taught how to play? How do you know all those songs?

Shari: God. God teaches me how to play. He teaches me the songs I need to know.

If you meet Shari and listen to her play, you too will agree that her talent does come from God!