Pete Bowers (provider) & Daniel Stewart
Jolene Bowers, Mosaic at Home provider
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 01:00
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

Pete and Jolene Bowers took Daniel Stewart and Mark Duncan camping early this fall. Daniel and Mark have limited mobility which requires them to use wheelchairs, which can make outings like this a challenge.

Thanks to the dedication of Jolene and Pete, they made it work so the people they serve could have a real Colorado camping experience. They sat around the campfire, sang camp songs, rode three wheelers (slowly and with supervision of course), and even slept in a tent!

These kinds of activities are far more common with our host homes than they were in the group home setting. We are so glad to see the people we serve gaining new experiences and enjoying life thanks to their Mosaic at Home families.

People who make us great: Jolene Bowers

Jolene goes above and beyond to make Daniel feel comfortable in her home. Daniel has been saying the ‘Our Father’ prayer before bed since he was 7 years old, but in a group home, there wasn’t always someone available to help him. Now, at the age of 42, Jolene asks him every night if he would like to do his prayer.

Daniel is a spiritual person and almost never says no. “One night she (Jolene) tucked him into bed and asked him if he wanted to say his prayer,” shared Daniel’s mother, Pat. “He said ‘no’, thought for a moment, then said out loud, ‘I love you God, I’ll talk to you tomorrow’. Jolene immediately called and told me all about it…we laughed together.”

Every provider/patient relationship is different. As an artist, Jolene tried to keep Daniel feeling close to his family. She painted a tree on his wall with family photos hanging from each limb – for all the work you do helping Daniel express himself spiritually and stay connected to those who love him, we thank you Jolene!

We would also like to thank Pat Bush for nominating Jolene as one of the “people who make us great”.