Ronnie and Brenda
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Mosaic in Southeast Texas

We extend a hearty congratulations to Ronnie and Brenda on their July wedding. They are true sweethearts and overjoyed to make this life commitment to one another. The happy couple will enjoy their wedding ceremony followed by reception in a beautiful country church with their close friends and family.  

Two years ago, Ronnie told his friend and Mosaic contract staff, Jason, that he was making resolutions to be a better person. He thought long and hard about what he wanted for his life, and one of his resolutions was to get married. It is something that is meaningful to him. Since then, things seemed to fallen in place. Ronnie met Brenda at Special Olympics last year and they hit it off right away, having fun and making each other laugh. They connected at the track and field sports and made plans to go on a date.  

Ronnie and Brenda get along well and truly enjoy each other’s company. They particularly like fishing together, watching movies, going out to eat, and swimming. Ronnie has even learned to cook all kinds of meals for his sweetheart. In early 2017, Ronnie decided it was time to ask Brenda to marry him and he requested to meet her parents at a local restaurant to ask them for her hand in marriage. He was very nervous, but they didn’t hesitate to say yes. They knew he was the right guy for her. Since then, wedding planning has been in full swing. It has gone well, with many friends and family members giving generously to make the wedding happen. Everyone is overjoyed for the happy couple.