Hello, Living Innovations!

Welcome Living Innovations, soon to be “A Service of Mosaic.” Here you’ll find helpful information to learn more about the coming transition. Make sure to check out the sections with information specific to participants, employees, home providers and family members and guardians.

A Welcome Message from Linda Timmons, Mosaic CEO

Mosaic is honored that Living Innovations chose us as its partner for the future. Living Innovations provides high-quality, person-centered services that will enhance Mosaic’s 10-state network.

On these pages, you’ll find the information you need to know more about the transition. The most important thing for you to know, however, is to keep doing what you’re already doing to help people live good lives at home and in the community. That mission is at the heart of Living Innovations and Mosaic.

Here’s a short welcome message from Linda Timmons, Mosaic’s President and CEO.

Learn What’s Happening

On December 8, Neal Ouellett, CEO of Living Innovations, and Linda Timmons, President and CEO of Mosaic, announced the two organizations have entered an agreement that will make Living Innovations “A Service of Mosaic.”.

What does this mean for me?

Visit these sections to get information on upcoming Town Hall events led by State Directors where you can learn more about the transition and ask questions.


People Served

You are the most important part of Living Innovations.



Please check your Paycom messages for the password to access this section.


Home Providers

Please continue providing the same great services you are now.


A Mosaic Success Story

Tommy receives support services through Mosaic at Home, a service mirroring the Living Innovations home provider/shared living model.

Learn about Mosaic’s commitment to inclusion and diversity

Mosaic is an inclusive, diversity-embracing organization. That sense of welcoming ALL people is grounded in our faith-based tradition.

Mosaic’s workforce of employees and contractors includes people of many different faiths, and people who do not follow a faith at all. It includes people of many ethnicities and races, people of diverse gender expressions and sexual orientations, and of different abilities. All are welcome. All are respected.

What unites Mosaic’s workforce is dedication to mission. We are called to love and serve. All people – those we serve and those who serve.

As you get to know Mosaic, you will see that whatever celebrations and traditions you honor, whoever you love, and whatever your faith, we will value you. You are welcome here. That is our commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Living Innovations becoming a service of Mosaic?

A: Neal Ouellett, the CEO of Living Innovations, is retiring. He and the Living Innovations senior leadership team looked for a partner that could help Living Innovations continue to grow and continue the tradition of quality services.

Living Innovations and Mosaic have similar values and both believe in providing personalized, quality services. Mosaic has the resources to help Living Innovations make services even stronger.

Neal calls it the right move at the right time.

Q: Will there be changes in services?

A: Services will continue without interruption. People can continue to receive the same supports from the same employees and home providers in the same way they do now.

Q: Will there be a change to the Living Innovations name?

A: Yes. You will notice a tag line added to the LIving Innovations name. It will now read “Living Innovations, a service of Mosaic.”

Q: What does Mosaic bring to strengthen Living Innovations quality?

A: Mosaic has significant resources to help Living Innovations further develop and strengthen services. Mosaic can provide expertise in the areas of behavior supports and autism services and support compliance with changing regulations. Mosaic’s government relations department can assist with advocacy at the state and federal level and amplify the voices of individuals served, families, guardians, shared living providers and others through our advocacy network, Mosaic Allied Voices. Mosaic can also support processes and systems that make documentation more efficient, such as an electronic health record.

Q: Will Neal continue to work with Living Innovations?

A: Neal will continue with Living Innovations for the next year and support this transition.

Q: Where can I get more information? 

A: Employees, home providers, individuals and family members and guardians will be receiving regular updates about the transition, so watch your mail and email for information. If you have any questions that come up, contact your Program Manager, State Director or Coordinator. In addition, Mosaic will host informational town hall meetings so you can obtain more information. We pledge to do our best to keep you informed and updated!

More Frequently Asked Questions can be found through the links above to information specifically for people served, employees, home providers and family members and guardians.

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