Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Mosaic in Delaware

My name is Rebecca Daly and I was a Direct Support Intern for Mosaic this past semester as a student at Delaware Technical Community College in Newark, Delaware. I selected Mosaic for my directed practice as a student in the human services program because I wanted to learn more about people with intellectual disabilities and how I can help people with disabilities someday as a social worker.

As an intern I had the wonderful opportunity to work at one of the Mosaic neighborhood group homes in New Castle, Delaware. I supported five men who taught me a great deal and helped me grow as a student in the human services field. I loved my internship and equally loved getting to know the guys, so I wanted to end the experience by assisting them to meet a goal, by planning a trip.

One of the guys had a goal of attending a Phillies game. I was so excited to plan the trip. We went to the Philadelphia Phillies game on Sunday, April 22 at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies played the Pittsburgh Pirates, and it was a great game! We started the day with lunch in Philadelphia at the Penrose Diner. After eating at the diner, we arrived at Citizens Bank Park and the guys were excited to be at the baseball stadium. As we were walking to our seats they were able to see the Phillie Phanatic and cheered him on as he was riding on his four-wheeler around the stadium. We got there early which gave us time to walk around to look at the statues inside of the stadium and take a few photos. The seats we had in the right field corner gave us a good view of the field and the plays that were happening throughout the game.

The guys were really into the game, clapping along with the rest of the crowd, cheering for the Philadelphia Phillies, and one of the guys was even dancing to the music that was playing. The game was close, tied 2-2 since the 5th inning and ended up going into the 11th inning with the Philadelphia Phillies winning 3-2 with a walk off single ending the game. The guys got to experience the bell chiming at the end of the game indicating that the Philadelphia Phillies had won the game. That was fun. After the game, we had dinner at the Olive Garden, which is one of their favorite restaurants.

I know the guys really appreciated the day because they showed big smiles, were laughing, and clapping for their team.  While eating dinner we talked about the plays and how the game ended. They told me how much fun they had and how great it was to see the Phillies play live and in action. They liked being together and enjoyed being at the ball park. 

I am thankful for my experience as an intern at Mosaic. I am glad that I had the opportunity to help the guys meet the goal of attending a Phillies game. Thank you Mosaic for helping me hit one out of the park for the guys at the group home.