Nic Batterton
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Mosaic in Omaha

Dear Mosaic Family,

My name is Nic Batterton; I joined the Mosaic team at the beginning of February as Omaha’s new Associate Director.

My compassion for helping people began as a child. As early as fourth grade, I regularly volunteered to take people to recess with me, and I spent my young adulthood advocating for those who were suppressed by societal norms.

I began serving people with intellectual disabilities as a direct support professional. The individuals I served had a huge impact on me, and I decided to make a career out of improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

When the Associate Director position opened at Mosaic, I immediately found the mission “to serve in the world” to have a huge impact on my heart. I knew that this was an organization that shared my passion for advocacy and service.

The last six months have gone fast. There have been many exciting successes, and I wanted to share just a few with you!

First, we hired a new Independent Contract Program Manager, Susan Chohany. She comes to Mosaic with high energy, abundant knowledge of disability services and a passion to help people. Her team continues to grow our Mosaic at Home program while building stronger relationships with our current independent contractors.

Our Supported Living service line has seen significant growth, offering many opportunities for the people we support in and around Omaha.

Our residential community continues to thrive thanks to many devoted DSPs who continue to set the bar high when it comes to providing a meaningful life for the people we support.

Employment services are going through many positive changes. We’re focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with community partners and fully integrating the people we serve into the workforce.

Thanks to support from the people we serve, their families, our community partners, dedicated staff and our lovely volunteers, these service lines continue to help us achieve our vision of being “the recognized leader in making a positive difference in people’s lives.”

I am so enthusiastic about the future here at Mosaic in Omaha, and I’m deeply humbled to help further the mission of Mosaic. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself, or come to one of our next Discover the Possibilities tours to learn more about Mosaic in Omaha!

Thank you,

Nic Batterton

Associate Director