Sally Montgomery
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Happy New Year! 2019 is well underway here at Mosaic in Northern Colorado. We are starting off busier than ever. The stories in this issue of our newsletter highlight some of the awesome things that have happened this past fall. I know you will enjoy hearing about our Direct Support Professionals and a bucket list adventure one of the people we support had the opportunity to experience!

As the year ended, I decided to review our monthly team meeting notes, looking for trends, celebrations and things we said we will do next year. At the beginning of 2018 we set three focus areas: the people we serve, the people who serve (DSPs) and building our community partners. I am excited to report we kept our focus on those areas and had excellent results.

The people we support had much to celebrate this year; new jobs in the community, exciting moves to gain more independence, strengthening connection with family members, new activities and exciting vacations. Our apartment program had the most growth this year. We had two folks move into their own apartments after gaining skills while living in a host home, and some new folks chose us to provide their supports in their own places. Giving people the opportunity to live the life they want as independently as possible is how we fulfill our mission.

Over the past year we have celebrated the people who serve. Our terrific staff and host home providers step up every day to make it all happen. We have increased our starting wages and supervisors have worked hard to support our DSPs. I continue to be grateful for our experienced leadership team, who combined, have over 150 years of experience at Mosaic. If we added up the years of experience for our Direct Support Professionals, I am confident we would be well over 500 years.

Our community partnerships are more important than ever. Our partners make what we do possible. The support and expertise they lend to our agency is critical.

Looking to the future we are preparing to add behavioral services and additional respite services to the supports we provide. Individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families have identified these types of services as critical needs in our community. People often have to wait to get these services – if they can find someone to provide them at all.

I will keep you posted on our progress. As we expand to meet these important needs, spreading the word about Mosaic becomes even more important. I hope each of you will consider inviting one person you know to come to one of our Discover the Possibilities to learn more about the work we do. It is a one hour experience to discover more about our mission. The upcoming dates are right here in this issue – so bring a friend and join us for lunch. See you soon!