Thursday, August 27, 2015
Mosaic in Western Iowa

What does a meaningful day look like to you? Some might say spending time with friends, going on vacation or volunteering, while others might suggest partaking in their favorite pastime.

Mosaic Direct Support Staff in Denison have spent countless hours determining how to create a meaningful day for each and every person we serve. The result? The launch of the Meaningful Day program, a program tailored to each individual that provides opportunities for them to define their meaningful day.

Lucy Altamirano has been a part of the Meaningful Day program since its inception and is thrilled with the progress that’s been made.

“We are adapting to what each person needs or wants. The staff and people we serve are taking a lot of pride in all the projects we’ve done so far,” said Altamirano.

Some of those projects include arts and crafts, volunteering for the Chamber of Commerce, swimming, bowling and even an overnight camping trip.

“We rented a cabin and cooked food over the campfire. The afternoon was beautiful,” said Altamirano.

The Meaningful Day program has around 12 participants and will continue to grow and evolve. Look for more updates to come!