Barry, before his race.
Barry's cheer team waits for him to finish his first 5K.
Monday, May 22, 2017
Mosaic in Central Iowa

Barry, a person served by Mosaic in Central Iowa for four years, accomplished a longtime goal in March by running his first 5K. Barry loves getting out of the house and being active. Last spring, he worked with a Drake University student volunteer to explore the Couch to 5K program and practice running longer distances. 

Earlier this year, he finally decided he was ready for his first race, so longtime Mosaic employee Tonya Anderson mapped out a 3.2-mile loop around Gray’s Lake and invited people to help cheer on Barry’s efforts. He requested that everyone in attendance wear red, his favorite color.

A group of Mosaic staff made signs for Barry and ran along to support him. Barry sang many of his favorite songs during the race. After completing the distance and crossing the finish line, Barry went to the Mosaic office to receive a medal for his efforts. 

“Tonya helped me!” he said about his big accomplishment. He also said he’d like to run many more 5K’s in the future. 

Way to go, Barry!