Jeff works on core strength while riding.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

Excerpt from Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center website: Originally called Acts 19:11 because of the “miracles” of therapeutic riding, PPTRC started in 1981 after several families asked Gay O’Rourke for horseback riding lessons for their children with disabilities and illnesses. Currently, PPTRC provides approximately 2600 classes per year to an average of 110 clients per week.

Thanks to the devotion of Mosaic at Home providers, Kim Halischak and Paula Sperry, the people they each serve have benefitted greatly from a local therapeutic program. 

Jeff Mason has been attending riding classes for years, and his instructor Debbie Karber has seen the impact working with the horses has had on Jeff. 

“The core strength he’s developed has been amazing,” she said. “We’ve worked hard on changing the speed of the horse because when the horse goes faster he has to tighten up his core, and that’s really a weak place for him.” 

According to his host home provider, Paula, working with the horses has also strengthened his legs and balance. He looks forward to going to his Wednesday therapeutic riding sessions all week.

Michelle Alexander on the other hand only recently started receiving services from PPTRC, but she loves every minute of it. Michelle has a hearing impairment and loves working with the horses – communicating with them. She is strong and sweet, and has come out of her shell since starting the riding program. 

Thanks to a donation last year from Couples Who Care, Mosaic will be able to offer five scholarships to individuals we serve to attend an eight-week course at PPTRC. By creating opportunities like this for the people we serve through community support and collaborations, Mosaic is helping expand horizons, reduce undesirable behaviors, improve mobility, and help people find renewed strength in their daily lives.  

For more information about PPTRC and their programs, visit their website at or email Melissa Anthony at