Thursday, January 31, 2019
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Steve has always been an active guy. He enjoys biking and uses this as a way to get around town. He skis the slopes and wall climbs at a local climbing facility. Steve’s sometimes quiet and shy demeanor may fool you, but he also enjoys attending dances and will proudly show off the formal prom photos of his girlfriend and himself at an annual event.

Steve is a contributing member of his community and has worked at Kohl’s as a cardboard baler for a number of years. He enjoys having a job and admits it comes with some great perks, like the discount. His coworkers are all kind to him and he feels well-liked by his supervisors. Steve enjoys earning a paycheck, which supports another passion of his: electronics.

You could call Steve an electronic connoisseur. He has a passion for old and new devices, constantly challenging himself to learn different systems and skills. Steve will spend a lot of time researching products before he commits to purchasing a new device. His latest purchase was an electronic drum that he has devoted time to learn how to play. Steve has quite the collection of video cameras and would love to learn how to make movies. He enjoys gaming, listening to music (record, cassette, CD, or online streaming), and is building an electric soldering table in his garage so he can repair things.

Recently, Steve set his sights on a new activity. The idea was planted in his head after an extreme ride at an amusement park was compared to it. Skydiving. The idea of jumping out of a plane would terrify many, but not Steve. Once he set his mind to it, nothing was going to stop him.

Skydiving is an expensive sport, and it took some time before Steve had enough saved for it. But as the day approached, he called it a dream come true and wasn’t the least bit nervous. A video of the afternoon shows an excited, yet relaxed man geared up and ready for an experience of a lifetime.