Lance and Tony enjoyed their recent vacation.
Friday, May 19, 2017
Mosaic in Rockford

Last spring, two individuals Mosaic serves traveled to Walt Disney World for the first time. The gentlemen live in a host homes in Rockford. Since moving to a Mosaic at Home provider, they have experienced many new things in the last year and added a new vacation to that list. For Tony (pictured on the left), this was his first plane ride and for Lance (pictured on the right), this was his first time to Florida.

They enjoyed Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom and Sea World together, as well as the nice weather in Florida. For both of these individuals, this was also a first time to share their own vacation experiences with their families, co-workers and friends. The Mosaic at Home provider has given them something they have never had before, an experience unlike any other. The stories from the trip keep coming and no doubt will continue until the next vacation they take.