Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

From his start in an institutional setting to his forever home in Columbus, Nebraska, Warren has always been the man to do it all – his goals are important to him.

Meeting people, talking and socializing are Warren’s strong suits. He came into Mosaic services in Columbus in 2003 when Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes merged. This was Warren’s chance to meet new people, find amazing friends and be independent – a concept he was finally able to embrace.

One major stereotype Warren has proven wrong in his life is that people with disabilities cannot hold a job. With simple accommodations and training, many people with intellectual disabilities are able to hold jobs in competitive workplace settings.

Warren has had several jobs. He worked at a bowling alley, Westbrook Lanes, helping with cleaning and assisting behind the counter, and then at McDonald’s for 10 years doing janitorial work. He’s now retired from work and spends his free time with friends and focusing on hobbies.

He enjoys grocery shopping, spending time at the library, going to the movies and eating out – especially Chinese. From living on his own, traveling, going out with friends and indulging in his hobbies of stereo systems, movies and NASCAR, Warren lives his best life every day.

He interacts daily with staff and peers who have helped him in many ways. He has control over his life and where he’s headed. Warren recently returned from a NASCAR trip and had great things to say about his experience.

“I was excited to go on a mini vacation,” he said. “I got to sit in the stands and watch the cars race. There weren’t any accidents, and I didn’t care who won. I got to stay in a hotel and eat good food. I was glad my friend got to go with me, too.”

He would definitely like to go again next year. Warren has thrived and does it all thanks to Mosaic.