Interim Executive Director Jennifer Dailey
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Mosaic in Pontiac

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Dailey, and I have agreed to serve as the Interim Executive Director for Mosaic in Pontiac and Macomb. I have been with Mosaic for 25 years, working in many different positions from direct care to associate director. This knowledge and experience will be invaluable to me as I work advance our mission in Pontiac. I believe in our mission and values wholeheartedly and am excited to have this opportunity.

There have been a number of agency changes in the organization over the past months. We wished our Vice President of Operations Nancy Davis well as she retired in July. We are fortunate to have former Executive Director, Kim Ford, serving as our Interim Vice President of Operations. I am also thrilled to have Paula Humke serving as our Interim Associate Director. Paula has a long history in social work and has served the Pontiac agency well in a several positions over the past few years. I am excited to announce that we have filled our open Direct Support Supervisor positions as well with Davonne Winterowd for the North and Barber homes and Nichole Whittier for the Julie and Williams homes. I am confident in the abilities of this team and I am honored that I was asked to lead this agency.

We continue to face challenges due to the fiscal conditions in the State of Illinois. Our funding level is one of the lowest in the nation, making it difficult to attract and retain good employees. Driving down Reynolds street in Pontiac, I find it disheartening to see so many help wanted signs in local business windows, knowing that people looking for jobs can go to work in the fast food industry and make as much if not more than they are able to at Mosaic. We are combatting this with a hiring campaign focused on finding people who are drawn to our mission. Our partners and employees are helping to spread the word to find those applicants. While we are making progress, we have a long road ahead of us.

I continue to be concerned about Medicaid reform as well. While I am wholeheartedly in favor of good fiscal practices and using taxpayer dollars wisely, it scares me to think that cuts could be made across the board that would affect the people we support.

I encourage all of you reading this to keep informed and be prepared to make you voice heard. A good way to learn about potential legislation that affects people with disabilities is by becoming a member of Mosaic Allied Voices. Visit to learn more and sign up.

Thank you in advance for your support. We are stronger and can accomplish more working together than we could ever hope to alone.