Effective Dec. 1, 2017, Mosaic is proud to welcome Companion Linc as part of our Mosaic family. Companion Linc a Nebraska-based provider who shares our vision and values. This is a great development for both Companion Linc and for Mosaic. As a national organization, Mosaic has the resources, staff and processes that will allow Companion Linc and Companion Services' innovation to play an important role in shaping the future of disability services for thousands of individuals. This is a match of a strong organization with a strong innovator.

The priority for both Companion Linc and Mosaic throughout the transition is that services for people continue seamlessly and uninterrupted. Both organizations are committed to ensuring there is no disruption in services for the people served by Companion Services. Mosaic is actively recruiting Companion Linc staff members so familiar faces and people can continue to be a part of the daily routine for the people served.

As of Dec. 1, all Companion Linc and Companion Services residential and day services in Nebraska will will officially be a part of the Mosaic network. Companion Linc (serving the greater Lincoln area) will become Mosaic in Lincoln. Companion Services will become a part of Mosaic in Omaha. 

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