Jamal in his new home.
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Mosaic in Delaware

By Kayla Buzzeo

Before Mosaic, Jamal said his life “wasn’t good, it was terrible.” In high school he had financial struggles, which caused him to worry about whether he would eat. This frequently led to him finding himself in trouble and hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

After a few years of struggling with where to live, Jamal was alone and homeless, resulting in Jamal moving into a nursing home. Imagine being a young active man, 21 years-old living in a nursing home. Thankfully, his stay at the nursing home was only temporary. 

Jamal’s life changed the day his social worker introduced him to Bill Brown from Mosaic. Jamal was happy and excited after meeting Bill and couldn’t wait to move into the Mosaic home that Bill managed. Jamal said Mosaic came into his life at the perfect time because the nursing home was just not right. Shortly after moving into his Mosaic home, his mother passed away and Mosaic staff and his roommates provided much needed friendship and support he needed during this
difficult time.

Jamal now lives with three other men whom he considers good friends. The staff have helped him to learn new skills such as how to do the dishes and laundry. The rules and responsibilities that come with living in a home help add structure to Jamal’s life. Structure is something that Jamal was missing and needed. In addition to providing a home and support, Mosaic also provides Jamal with an opportunity to reach one of his dreams—getting his first job. Jamal has been hired as the office receptionist for Mosaic. Earning a living is something Jamal always wanted to do for himself. 

“Mosaic changed my life for the better,” Jamal said. He now looks forward to the future. Jaamal is now living the life that he wants to live, thanks to Mosaic.

To meet Jamal and hear more about his story, we invite you to come to a Discover the Possibilities tour. Dates and times can be found on our website, www.mosaicindelaware.org or by calling 302.456.5995