Monday, August 21, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Iowa

Employees at Mosaic all have an opportunity to give back to the people we serve through Mosaic’s Employee Campaign. We value the contributions of our employees and are proud to say that as an organization, our employees have given more than $3 million since the campaign began in 2003. Employees can donate to the campaign through payroll deduction.

Nearly all of the people Mosaic serves are on a fixed income. While Medicaid helps with many day-to-day needs, medical care, and housing, there is still a gap between government funding for someone to live and funding for someone to truly live a meaningful life. The employee donations are used to pay for the things that Medicaid does not cover. Requests for the funds are made on behalf of an individual who wants something that is not covered by Medicaid. Currently, we have an Employee Campaign Committee of 15 direct support staff dedicated to reviewing and approving requests. 

We just finished our campaign for 2017 and are proud to say we raised $4,700 with nearly half of our staff in Northern Iowa participating. We were able to fund activities such as camp, vacations, a new bicycle, and a digital camera. We also were able to assist people with covering medical expenses not paid by Medicaid, legal expenses to pursue guardianship options, and household items for moving into a more independent living situation.  

We are proud of the team of employees we have and are truly grateful for their dedication and commitment to making each day meaningful for the people we serve!