Monday, March 13, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Iowa

Mosaic agencies routinely engage in financial and strategic planning during the fiscal year. As a part of that we are compelled to look at how we can offer more personalized supports in a way that is fiscally sustainable. Mosaic in Northern Iowa faces less funding, high staff turnover, and new regulations, all of which cause us to operate at a financial loss. Moving forward, we have to make changes to ensure our programs remain strong for all the people we support while being good stewards of our financial resources.

To help make that a reality, Mosaic is expanding a service we have successfully offered across Mosaic for more than 20 years – host home services. This model helps address the challenges we face. This service model builds lasting relationships between people with intellectual disabilities and their service provider, who is an independent contractor provider aligned with Mosaic. Living in a shared residence, the independent contractor provides services designed around the needs of the individual, fully integrating them into the life of the household and the greater community. Our host home services will now be called “Mosaic at Home.”

Mosaic at Home providers live in apartments, in family homes, in rural settings, in urban settings, on farms and acreages. They range in age from mature 20-somethings to retirees; some are single, others are married with families. Their interests are as diverse as the interests of the people Mosaic serves. This gives people choices and opportunities beyond what traditional settings are able to offer.

We are working to shift the way we currently provide services to offer sustainable services without compromising quality by offering more host home options and reducing the number of Supported Community Living group homes. Mosaic has more than 100 years of history serving people with disabilities. We have adapted to changes and we strive to always provide the quality care and integrity modeled by our founders more than a century ago. We will continue the great partnership we have with the people we serve, their families, and guardians, as well as our donors, stakeholders, and volunteers well into the future.

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