Anand Alexander and Saretta Jones kick off the gala with a dance.
Saretta Jones
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Mosaic in Delaware

Writted by Saretta Jones, person supported by Mosaic

Mosaic hosted the Fourth Annual Gala on Saturday, Oct. 27 at the American Legion Post 14 in Smyrna, Delaware. The goal was for the people of Mosaic to celebrate life by dancing, laughing and eating good food while talking and having a good time together with friends!

Onome Kuyebi, Direct Support Professional said to me when I arrived, “We have live performers!”

The performers were a couple, a man and a woman who greeted us at the grand entrance, waved at us, and smiled when we walked in the door. They performed a dance to a beautiful song. We applauded cheerfully. It was like being at the TV Show, Dancing with the Stars.

Bankole Onamusi is a volunteer who did a great job taking photos! Sheryl Moore, who is a Mosaic intern from Delaware Tech, complimented my outfit. I was wearing a gown and fur coat to match. She said, “You look beautiful!”

Everyone looked beautiful. Some of the ladies were sparkly in their sparkly dresses and a lot of the guys looked nice wearing suits and ties. 

Thank you to the staff, donors, and volunteers for making this event for us. We had a great time.

We are looking forward to the Mosaic Annual Gala next year!