Thursday, October 20, 2016
Mosaic in Waco

Let me win but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” — Special Olympic Motto

This is how the Mosaic Mustangs end their flag football practice.  One evening, Coach O’Brien asked each athlete, “With one word, how does Special Olympics make you feel?” 

Bold! Happiness! Perfect! Good! Friends! Energy! Fearless!

Mosaic in Waco began their Special Olympics program several years ago.  It was recently revitalized by volunteer Head Coach Kristy O’Brien.  With more than 20 athletes on the roster, the Mosaic Mustangs will compete in flag football, basketball and track and field this year. 

The Mustangs are unique among the teams you will see on the playing field.  Our team is made up of athletes of all ages.  We have students not able to join their school teams as well as the oldest athlete in the Heart of Texas conference!  At 63 years old, Gary is a constant inspiration to everyone.  Last year after winning his silver medal for the 50-yard dash, Gary was asked, “How does it feel to be a champion?”  His response was priceless:  “It feels real good!  For all those people who doubted me, I’m not old yet.  I can do it too!” (You can see Gary’s live response on Mosaic in Waco’s Facebook page under ‘Videos’.)

This year as we begin new series of competitions, we hope you will consider becoming a part of this amazing team.  The Mosaic Mustangs is managed by a 100 percent volunteer team.  We would like to expand once again into other events like bocce ball and bowling, but are unable to do so because we simply need more volunteers.  

Head Coach Kristy O’Brien reflected on her experience:

“There is nothing in society that says we must help another individual!  However, being a volunteer for Mosaic in Waco and Special Olympics, Texas, brings a sense of community to me.  I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place, by giving others the opportunities that I’ve had in life.  To let them know that they are capable, to show them that they can win!  The genuine glee on an athlete’s face when they play is one that captures the imagination as reality!  To see the smiles and dedication of each Special Olympic athlete win a medal, just makes my day. Being a volunteer, gives me the opportunity to reflect on what life is about and provides an understanding of other's hopes and dreams in life, and helping them make it a reality.  Special Olympics provide athletes with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to stay physically and socially active with others in the community. One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.  Together we can make a difference, together we can win!”

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Mosaic, please contact Serina Cole, Community Relations Manager, at